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Tool Design

Our tool design services include design of plastic molds, die casting press tools, jigs and fixtures, inspection fixtures and gauges, jigs and stamping dies.

  • Plastic Molds - Expertise in design of injection molds, compression molds, transfer molds, blow molds and thermoforming molds. Services include analysis of parts, design of electrodes and documentation.

  • CAM - Capability to generate multi axis tool path for complex profiles using most different CAM software.

  • Press Tools - Capability to design press tools from basic blanking and piercing operation to complex progressive dies including operations such as forming, notching and trimming. The dies created are cost efficient.

  • Jigs & Fixtures - Complex jigs and fixture designs for customer specific requirements. Work holding fixtures for any kind of operations such as machining, welding, inspection fixtures are some of our specialties.

  • Pressure Die Casting - Design of cost effective and efficient high and low PDC dies for critical components.

  • Cutting Tools - Design of single point & multipoint special cutting tools such as drills, reamer, boring bars, broach, whole mills, milling cutters & gear shaving cutters etc.

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